I would highly recommended Liz to any parent that is looking for a Maths Tutor for their child. The one to one  sessions I had with Liz, definitely improved my maths hugely and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have passed my GSCE maths if it wasn’t for her. If I was struggling with any particular topic in my school classes I knew  that I could just ask Liz and she would go through it with me in a calm and understanding manner. She was patient and kind I cannot be grateful enough for the help and encouragement she provided for me, Thank you Liz

It has taken me 30 years to get over the stigma of my problems with maths, and with Liz’s help my confidence problems in tackling such problems as the dreaded Algebra were overcome.  Having now achieved my Maths GCSE, I would recommend Liz to anyone who has struggled with maths.  I found her 1-to-1 sessions invaluable, and her easy going approach to problems easy to understand. 

J tells me she feels she wouldn’t have had a chance at getting any sort of Maths GCSE if she hadn’t come to you!  You have boosted her confidence and we appreciate your good teaching.

I would recommend Liz without hesitation to any parent looking for a Maths Tutor for their child.  The 1:1 lessons made a huge difference to our son’s progress.  She ‘went back to basics’ which gave him the confidence he needed to do well in his GCSE.   She is very kind and patient and our son enjoyed his lessons with her.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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